Our company works with innovative companies located in different regions of Europe.
It brings the seedling, seedling and rootstocks of the varieties with high added value and new value to the flora of the country.

    Our customers in this area;

  • Manufacturers from Yalova-Bursa-Sakarya-Izmir and other provinces
  • Research Institutes
  • Related Departments of Universities
  • Founders of Botanical Garden
  • Landscaping Firms
  • Municipalities
  • Nature lovers

Products we import;

  • Peds, Vaccine Rootstocks, Repicsea Seedlings
  • Shrub-Shaped Plants
  • Leafy Trees
  • Coniferous Trees
  • The vines
  • Medicinal Aromatic Plants
  • Rose Rootstocks
  • Rosehip Types
  • Onions and Tubers
  • Seeds

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